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Let's Work Together

Inspired by our California roots, the JZ Interiors aesthetic blends the fresh, natural beauty of the coast with traditional touches that finish a space. Our design is built in layers and textures to achieve an elevated yet familiar feeling of home.

As every project is different, JZ Interiors offers a variety of packages that work for all kinds of projects and budgets. We provide a boutique design service and process to our clients clients across the country! 

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Design Services

The Premium Full Service Package

Our favorite kind of projects are from concept to completion. 

Our premium full service package is intended for new builds and full  renovations. It includes but is not limited to plan reviews, full comprehensive design & material selections, technical drawings, site visits, project execution, all the way through installation. We handle all of your orders and logistics while receiving each item for inspection at our warehouse prior to delivery. On installation day our team comes and places each piece of furniture, hangs the art and light fixtures, styles the shelves and fluffs the pillows before your big reveal! 

The Deluxe Package

Our Deluxe Package lends itself to a large variety of projects and is a comprehensive review and process of your project. This includes new builds, renovations, and/or furniture selections and single room refreshes. Whether you need plan reviews, design selections, drawings, elevations and layouts, we are here to help.

We offer this package from coast to coast. 

Virtual Design

Our Virtual Projects are for out of town clients who just want a little bit of help achieving their design dreams and don't mind rolling up their sleeves to do some of the legwork. We meet virtually at the beginning of the project and over a 5 week period, provide our clients with a a comprehensive design presentation for them to get to work on!

The Consultation Package

If you've ever had a design question that you just wish you could chat with a designer about for an hour, we're here to help!  Our Consultation Package is a built for small questions and projects that just need a final review from a designer. We offer these packages in a variety of scheduled times to make sure we are able to help you get the best use of time and resources.  Whether your questions are about paint colors, room layouts or material selections or finishes on your project, this is a great way to get advice or a review of your projects and plans from a professional. 


Our Mission

We believe first and foremost that home is a feeling, and it’s our goal to help infuse that into every inch of your space. We specialize in upscale yet casual design and believe that the real elevation of a home happens in the fine details. We obsess over the finishing touches, and we live for one-of-a-kind found pieces to bring to your home. Our California-casual style can be defined by fresh earthy textures, sun-drenched rooms, cozy moments and pulling beauty from the natural elements around us.

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