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Cozy Bedroom Inspiration

There is something to be said about creating a perfect bedroom as it really is your sanctuary. This is a space that you absolutely want to be comfortable, cozy and relaxing.

This is going to be a bit of a Heidi Caillier appreciation post, but if there is anyone who can create the perfect cozy space, it's Heidi Caillier. Heidi is one of those designers that makes my jaw drop every time I see a new image of her work. The way she can layer textures, color and pattern is inspiring and I believe she is one of the best in the game.

Heidi is based in Seattle. Her work is flawless, well thought out and truly one of a kind. Her Seward Park project in particular is my favorite. From the textures in the bedroom to the bold colors and prints in the rest of the home, topped with the drama in the bathroom stone. It is truly a masterpiece.

I've picked a few other favorites from other designers to showcase what makes a cozy bedroom. No longer needing to go light and bright, these designers pull moody tones, bolder paint colors, vintage pieces and patterns to pull it all together. Click the image below to see a few of my favorite sources that set the foundation of a cozy room.


Pieces We Know You'll Love

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