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August Favorites

Say it with me, "August slipped away into a moment in time..." But really, hasn't this whole year? Starting a new series to add in my favorite products from each month. Stay tuned!

After months of probably (definitely) drinking too much and not doing as much as I could have to take care of myself, I finally got the memo. So I started with the basics. The things that I love the most though?

a. Vital Proteins Collagen for my coffee every morning

b. A cute Daily Pill Case that I can throw in my purse if needed

c. Liquid Vitamin C because we can all use more these days...

d. I never got on board with the cool water bottles until I needed a daily reminder to not only drink more water, but refill it all the time.

e. I'm new to using AC, so I was shocked at how fast it dried out my skin. This humidifier has been a game changer.

I had secretly hoped that Taylor Swift would drop a surprise album during a global pandemic where we were stuck in our homes... and much to my delight, she did! Not only that, I think this album is her best yet. Here is a link to my favorite review....

We are all spending a little more time in our make shift home offices, here are a few things to make that a little more pleasant...

g. All the outlets, but this strip is chic.

h. Blue Light glasses so eliminate headaches

i. Noise cancelling headphones... duh.

j. a light and pretty candle to calm you down.

k. A perfect stand for your computer to avoid neck pain and actually looks great.

I can attest that all of these things are necessary AND will fit into your purse.

l. the best sunglasses for the best price. (I have them in 3 colors).

m. A hand sanitizer that smells good an won't dry your hands out.

n. Sunscreen because we all need to be wearing sunscreen.

o. Thigh Rescue... if you don't know, you're welcome....It will save your summer. I am a walking billboard for this.

p. a chic scarf, for your purse, for a mask, for you hair... basically it goes with everything.