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About JZ Interior Designs



JZ Interior Designs is a boutique full service interior design firm based in  Southern Califirnia specializing in luxury custom new builds, remodels, furnishing and virtual design led by Jaime Zehner.


Inspired by our California roots, the JZ Interior Designs aesthetic blends the fresh, natural beauty of the coast with traditional touches that finish a space. Our design is built in layers and textures to achieve an elevated yet familiar feeling of home.

We believe first and foremost that home is a feeling, and it’s our goal to help infuse that into every inch of your space. We specialize in upscale yet casual design and believe that the real elevation of a home happens in the fine details. We obsess over the finishing touches, and we live for one-of-a-kind found pieces to bring to your home. Our California-casual style can be defined by fresh earthy textures, sun-drenched rooms, cozy moments and pulling beauty from the natural elements around us.


Jaime has been designing since 2014 (but really since she was 4) and offers a detailed and thoughtful design process help her clients achieve their goals. Her goal is to create unique and thoughtful interiors while remaining true to her clients interests and personalities. 


Always on hunt for treasures and with a background in retail and marketing, Jaime started and hopes to grow her online shop of curated, one-of-a-kind finds for people who want to bring that aesthetic into their own homes. 

In her spare time, Jaime can be found barefoot on a beach, trying out a new recipe or near the closest body of water in her hometown of Newport Beach, CA.  One of her favorite things to do is to hop in the car and head out for a road trip up or down the coast of California; stopping in at her favorite spots and shops, searching for inspiration and practicing her photography with her golden retriever, Riptide, in tow. 

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